Policy Change for Lake Oswego To Benefit DUII Defendants

Erik Nicholson recently fought the City of Lake Oswego to gain affordable access to critical evidence.

Erik was quoted in the Lake Oswego Review discussing the policy change surrounding fees for accessing critical evidence like body camera footage. 

When it comes to DUI cases, we know how important it is to have access to all available evidence, including body camera footage.

The information that we can extrapolate from this footage can sometimes be enough to make or break a case. Unfortunately for our clients, up until this point they have been forced to pay high fees for access this footage. These high fees aren’t affordable for all clients, which means some decline to pay and forfeit the opportunity to use this evidence. Ultimately, this high fee can compromise the case, outcome and future for our clients.

Erik Nicholson had a problem with this profiteering scheme.

He challenged the legality of charging high fees to individuals who are presumed innocent under the United States Constitution. The City of Lake Oswego relented under the pressure brought by Mr. Nicholson and other local defense attorneys.

We want to help our DUII clients fully, with as much evidence as possible. We know how important every piece of evidence can be, and we know that the implications of a DUII charge can be severe. It is always our goal to keep our clients’ best interests in mind and fight for them, even if it means working to change local policy!
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