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Driver’s License Reinstatement

If your driving privileges were revoked “for life” because you were convicted of 3 or more DUIs, you may be eligible to petition driver’s license reinstatement.

You must wait 10 years from your conviction date or release from custody (not arrest date) to be eligible to petition for driver’s license reinstatement. If you receive any driving convictions during your revocation, such as Driving While Suspended, the 10 year wait period will start over.

Hit & Run Charges

License Reinstatement Requirements

In order to petition to reinstate your driving privileges Erik Nicholson will file a petition and initiate a civil case against the District Attorney in the appropriate county. There will be a hearing where it is our burden to prove:

  • That you are rehabilitated;
  • That you do not pose a threat to public safety; &
  • That you completed your court-ordered DUI treatment.

The court will consider various factors such as the degree of violence in the offense, your behavior before and after your conviction, and other relevant factors. Erik will develop a strong case to prove you have been rehabilitated, possess a positive character, and deserve reinstatement of your driving privileges.

Erik Has Helped Hundreds of Oregon Drivers Regain Their Freedom and Independence.

Erik Nicholson has been serving Oregon as a criminal defense attorney for the last 14 years. Call for a free consultation if you think you may be eligible to petition for restoration of your driver license.