DUI Defense

Oregon’s drunk driving (DUII) laws are some of the toughest in the nation and even a single conviction can have lifelong consequences. Oregon already has tough DUII laws but Washington and Clackamas County are especially known for their extremely aggressive prosecution of DUII’s.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving (DUII) time is of the essence. It is extremely important to speak with an experienced DUII and DUII Diversion attorney immediately. The clock is ticking to preserve your rights before you give them up and lose them forever.

Factors that will affect the outcome of a DUI arrest.

  • Prior arrests for DUI – no matter how old: Prior DUI arrests or convictions will have an effect on what the prosecutor will offer in a plea bargain and will result in the prosecutor seeking significantly greater penalties.
  • Your driving: Were you stopped for going 5 mph over the speed limit or were you going the wrong way on a four lane highway and running cars off of the road?
  • Appearance of intoxication: Do you appear drunk or sober on law enforcement body cameras?
  • Blood Alcohol content: Was there a blood alcohol test (either by breath or blood test) and was the result high or low?
  • Did you refuse to provide a breath or blood sample for testing?
  • Were there any anomalies or errors in the case such as:
    • Breath test machine errors.
    • Improperly obtained blood and/or urine tests.
    • Improper maintenance and/or calibration of the breath test machine.
    • Lack of law enforcement certification or training to operate the breath test machine.
    • Mishandled or lost evidence.
    • Illegal search and/or seizure by law enforcement.
    • Evidence to support a medical issue exists which causes the appearance of intoxication.

Erik Nicholson has been a defense attorney for 14 years, handling thousands of criminal cases. With his expertise, Erik can help you navigate the challenges that may arise after a DUII arrest.