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Oregon DMV Fraud and Cancellation Representation

Did You Receive a Letter from The Oregon DMV Threatening License Cancellation?

The Oregon DMV aggressively pursues identity fraud and will cancel your license and suspend your driving privileges unless you establish proper identity with the DMV Fraud Unit. DMV makes this process very difficult.

Hit & Run Charges

Am I Being Accused of Fraud?

The letters typically state that the biometric data (other photographs) in their records were checked and did not match. Basically their computer program flagged your file because they have multiple images of you that don’t seem to match. Obviously, there are hundreds of reasonably explanations for this. However, your license is very much at risk. Call attorney Erik Nicholson for a free initial consultation on how to get this resolved and protect your license.

Can I Fix this On My Own By Working with the DMV Fraud Department?

Do not make the mistake of attempting to “fix” a DMV Fraud allegation on your own. DMV fraud investigators will ask for incriminating statements and admissions regarding any past instances of using another person’s identity or creating a false identity. These admissions could have very serious and negative impacts on any potential criminal investigation as well as severe immigration consequences.

Experienced & Trusted DMV Lawyer to Help Resolve License Cancellation

Erik Nicholson has successfully handled hundreds of DMV cases. He uses his knowledge and experience with DMV operations, Oregon Revised Statutes, and the Oregon Administrative Rules to protect you. He will work to insulate you from any negative consequences and to get your driver license back ASAP. He is usually able to fix fraud allegations and get your license back with no negative consequences in less than one month. Call today for a free consultation and start the process of fixing your record.