Kindness of an Old Friend

Kindness is so rare these days, and Mr. Nicholson will confront your case with the kindness of an old friend. Acceptance and understanding are on offer with the service of this firm. Heartily recommended and endorsed. 


June, 2021

Indispensable in Getting the Best Outcome

Eric Nicholson was indispensable in getting the best outcome for my case! It became quite apparent that had I not hired him as a lawyer I wouldn’t have gotten the outstanding results we did. I had two serious felony charges that could have resulted in high jail time, & high fines but Eric worked consistently with the DA to get me the best possible resolution & restitution. To be frank, the outcome is comparative to a slap on the wrist in my personal opinion.

I believe it’s important to have a lawyer with a strong presence in this line of work, and Eric is anything short of well spoken & professional.

His fees are quite reasonable as well considering the astounding service he provides compared to many lawyers in the Portland Metropolitan area, (believe me I would know, I spoke to 90% of them.) Not to mention he managed to do all this throughout COVID!


April, 2021

Able to Negotiate a Very Lenient Sentence

Erik Nicholson is an excellent lawyer! The fee was very reasonable, especially for all that he does. He went above and beyond my expectations and was able to negotiate a very lenient sentence for my case. I would highly recommend going to Erik with your legal situation if you want best possible outcome.


January, 2020

Excellent Attorney

Erik provided excellent information, always returned my calls promptly and was very knowledgeable in the situation. I have nothing but praise for Erik’s abilities. Erik delivered at court as I would have expected. I would highly recommend his services.


February 6, 2018

Above and beyond!

Mr. Nicholson was very active in my case and was able to navigate through this difficult time. He was able to plead with the court my unfortunate circumstances and receive he outcome I was looking for. As a California new to Oregon I was constantly under accusation of trumped up charges in Washington county. Given his level of experience is in direct contact with the Tigard Municipal court and their prosecutors he was able to do far more than any attorney could do in their court and was very effective and remarkably affordable. I highly recommend him to anyone regarding criminal charges in the Tigard Municipal court, this guy is an ace!


January 11, 2018

Excellent work done by Mr. Nicholson

Mr. Nicholson is highly skilled and creates a sense of confidence as you travel the road of the unknown. He was clear, concise and matter of fact but also came across as caring and interested. In open court, the judge actually told me that my attorney, Mr. Nicholson, had done an excellent job with my case. An out loud compliment from the judge is impressive.


January 5, 2018

Fast, efficient and helpful

I hired Mr. Nicholson in regards to a DUI conviction. He was very helpful thru the whole process from each possible scenario. He helped make the process smooth and painless as possible. The law office were great in keeping in communication throughout the term and would absolutely recommend Erik Nicholson to anyone.


September 28, 2017

Great help

Mr Nicholson was very nice, helped me through the process and explained my options. It was my first time dealing with any of this (at 68 years old); he was very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend him.


July 19, 2017

Superb Representation

Erik and his staff were superb in representing me and making an otherwise stressful period go as smoothly as possible, being accessible and providing an acute attention to all details of my case. After my court date, Erik remains available for any lingering questions or consultations pertaining to the matter he represented me for.


June 27, 2017

Very Grateful for His Services!

I called Mr. Nicholson’s office pretty lost about my DUI situation. I was delighted when he answered the phone and immediately answered all the questions that were weighing on me. He helped me avoid jail time, making it possible for me to finish school this year. I’m very grateful for his services! .


April, 2021

Made a Difficult Situation Much Easier

Erik spoke to me in a caring and clear manner and quickly set my concerns to rest. He was courteous, professional and a great advocate for me. He exceeded all of my expectations and made a difficult situation much easier to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking a better understanding of legal matters and looking for legal advice or advocacy.


October, 2020

Diversion Program and No Probation

Excellent lawyer. Eric helped me out when i got into a little trouble. You are in good hands with Eric. I trusted him and got a diversion program and no probation. Very satisfied with his work!!! If you need a good defense attorney he is great!!!!


August, 2020

Great Guy

He help me with my dui, and he got 3 charges drop. I appreciate all he have done. Thank you!!


March 3, 2018


Erik was very honest with me and gave me the pro’s and con’s of the case. He spoke very well to the judge. I appreciated Eric being my voice when I was to nervous speak.


January 13, 2018

Excellent Representation and Results

Mr. Nicholson’s representation was excellent. I spoke with other lawyers prior to retaining Mr. Nicholson and was very impressed with his straight forward approach. He is well versed and connected with the different courts and there respective District Attorneys. It was his relationship with these representatives that helped in getting the results and resolution that were favorable to my case. I feel retaining Mr. Nicholson was well worth my money and time.


January 10, 2018

DUII Defense Lawyer

Very pleased with Erik’s work with our case. He was everything we needed in a lawyer, upfront/too the point. He advised us with our best options and was helpful in guiding us, as this was our first time needing legal services. It is now after our court date and he is still sending out information and helpful tips preparing us through the journey ahead. I hope this never happens again, but Erik would be our 1st call . We will recommend him to anyone who is in need of his services.


October 16, 2017

Duii case for Mike Allison

Mr. Erickson did what he said that he might be able to do, I’m happy with his work and I’d recommend him to my friends!


September 16, 2017

Invaluable Representation

I don’t know what I would have done without Mr. Nicholson and his firm’s help. I am from out of state and was facing charges in Washington County. He was able to get everything set up for me so I only had to come back once, and we got everything wrapped up in just a few hours. Very good communication throughout the entire process. He constantly made sure I was aware of everything happening and ensured any questions I had were answered, and we got what I see as the best possible outcome given the situation.


July 10, 2017

Worth the money!

Mr. Nicholson was a huge help! Put my mind at ease during my case and even got one of my charges dropped!


June 16 2017

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