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Oregon Hardship Permits

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To be eligible for a hardship permit you must have had a valid Oregon driver license at the time your suspension went into effect. Out of state drivers are not eligible. 

  • Oregon Hardship Permit Application:
  • Hardship permit eligibility: A waiting period might apply. Consult the Suspension Guides.
  • When to apply:  It is best to apply several weeks before you are eligible for a hardship permit.  This gives DMV time to process your application so you can obtain the hardship permit as close as possible to your first eligible day.  
  • Costs: $50.00 application fee + $75.00 reinstatement fee = $125.00 total.
  • Not Applicable for:
    • License revocations.
    • Out-of-state drivers.
    • A second DUII conviction within five years.
  • License Type: Only for Class C (non-commercial) licenses. ORS 807.240(8)(c) Hardship permits are not available for commercial drivers. (ORS 807.240(2))
  • Permitted Driving:
    • Employment-related needs (to/from/during work)
    • Employer-required training/education
    • Court ordered alcohol/drug treatment 
    • Job hunting (up to 120 days)
    • Gambling addiction treatment
    • Regular medical treatments for self or immediate family
    • Weekly grocery shopping 
    • School or childcare transport 
    • Elderly family care 
  • Limitations:
    • No more than 12 hours of driving daily, with exceptions for driving to treatment classes.
    • Job hunting permits are capped at 120 days.
  • Requirements:
    • SR-22 liability insurance
      • 3 years if convicted of a crime resulting in a driver license suspension.
      • Only necessary for the length of the hardship permit if the suspension is from failing or refusing a chemical test following a DUII arrest.
    • An ignition interlock device must be installed for DUII convictions and for most DUII Diversion program participants.
    • Employer verification if you drive on the job.
    • If self-employed you must provide your business license and tax statement or other sufficient proof of self-employment.  
  • Exclusions:
    • Individuals revoked for traffic crimes.
    • Suspensions due to traffic ticket defaults, such as missing a court appearance or failure to make court-ordered payments.
    • Three-year suspensions for a second DUII within five years.